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Chairmain's Message

Dr Waheed Ahmed

Founder and Chairman Vital Health and Wealth Club

Dr. Waheed Ahmed Did his DHMS in 1993. He is a very well-known Businessman. He Introduces the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Business in Pakistan. Has a very vast Experience of business developing and designing in different countries of the world. He got diabetes in that era and treat himself by natural products. it was the turning point of his life. Then he starts promoting Doctors and all types of health professionals.

Dr. Waheed Ahmed wants to Give Every Doctor and Health Professional Their Own Identity.

Give them Education Regarding their own Professions in modern ways. Bring back to natural Products and Medicines To Improve their Professional Skills and by using natural and herbal. All Health Related
Personals are welcome Doctors, Beauticians, Physiotherapists and paramedics.