For the Health Relevant Persons.

Educate The Persons Regarding Their Own Ways Of Treatment. Etc Hikmat, Homoeopathy & Allopathy.

How To Get Cure Through All Therapies.

The Value Of Herbal Food Supplements With The Medicine.

Introduction Of New Ways & Medicine To Get Cure.

Using The Ways & Path’s To Revive The Organ.

Providing The Best Health facilities Through Modern Ways & Herbal Food Supplements.

Vital Health and Wealth Club is Providing Following Facilities in our in-house Clinic.

Esthetics Clinic.

Hydra Facial & Beauty Clinic.

Diabetes mellitus Clinic.

Obesity & Weight Loss Clinic.

Dental Clinic.

Ophthalmology (Eye) Clinic.

Gynecology Clinic.

Cupping (Hijama) Therapy.

General Physician Clinic.

Vital Gano Therapy.

Vital Coffee Therapy.